lunes, agosto 22, 2011

Masturbate This Feeling

I touch everything they fuck
I sleep with everything they leave
their empty jar
but my hands can touch your inner madness
cuz this world can never take the real you
cuz your soul is volatile
and your fear is in my hands
i had your heart beating in the palm of my hands
i wish i could rip it off your chest
and masturbate this feeling off my head
and the sound of your silence
makes me crawl inside the spiral
I kiss the vertebrae
and touch your belly
Im tired of all fakeness
of this world
and honestly after meeting you I dont think I will be ever able to trust in humans
I need you in  liquid form
i need your juice
to drink up the pain
inside your soul
I need your legs wide open
to show me the way
I dont need to tame the wild
I just need to drink your fountain
alcohol breath, cigarrete burning,
desire running
I lose my mind touching you
touching your skin
touching your cells
touching all of your geography
i want to fuck your brains
and hold you against me
i wont even touch you when I do that
my knife will baby
my knife will
dont wake up please

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