domingo, marzo 11, 2012

Hour of Need

i do not wonder why there is no sun in my hour of need
there is no sunshine anymore
there is no one in my hour of need
there is no hope in my darkest hour
dont have anything in my hour of need
dont need anything in my hour of need
there is no god in my hour of need
there is no love in my hour of need

that s why you God gave me a stone heart so i could carry on this path
so I wouldn`t need the poison around my veins
we live, we grow, we think we love, we hurt, we die
just as a dog dies on the street without knowing reality
because reality is beyond all this crap
and I tell you my dearest friend reading this pile of shit coming from my mind
you, lost somewhere in cyberspace
you are my only companion
and my last reader
my words are tired, my soul is burnt
I AM SICK of it all
i am disgusted to be human right now
I am obsessed with sex, I drown in its spiral desire
i crawl and shiver on its fire
I am in love with death
I am in a "Its complicated" relationship with life
i love it
I wish I can stop breathing
I would whisper my angel pretty words from the great beyond
I would find you
I will find you
I cant find you in this side
farewell my dearest reader tell my angel Im not gone
I will find you
even after death my precious rat.

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